Thesis writing involves following a predetermined path to reach a destination. Sounds like all you would need is good navigational software, right? Not really. The thesis paper is based upon a theory or idea that the writer will need to attempt to prove within the context of a written work. Since most thesis writing involves academia, chances are the type of class assignment for which the paper is being written, will help determine subject matter. Once a theory or thesis is chosen, the writer can then set about compiling evidence to support it. If they follow the right course, they should arrive at a destination where the thesis becomes, if not fact, at least a theory without outright contradiction.

What sort of map takes you from theory to proof? An outline provides the student involved in thesis writing a map or chart to follow. The rudimentary outlines used in grade school will need to be polished up a bit for higher educational thesis papers, but it works on the same formula. The outline should have three main sections, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Under the first subject heading, Introduction, the writer can jot down their thesis, since this is the portion of the paper where the idea or theory is introduced.

The next subject area, the Body, may have quite a few subsections. In most instances, each subsection will represent one of the aspects of research used to prove or substantiate the education thesis. Some of the subsections may require subsections of their own. The final subject, the conclusion, marks the destination on the map. Here is where the author will want to note summarization points and strongly worded arguments urging the reader to agree with the theory and conclude, that it is correct.

Thesis writing, since it is most often done for a grade and that score may be a big part of the overall class grade, must be meticulous in composition, continuity, correct grammar and spelling, and the proper citation of sources. Using the roadmap of the outline and making sure your thesis writing skills have all of these basics covered, your paper should be a valuable learning tool and a means to advance your educational future.


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