The field of LDS online dating is ever-expanding as increasing numbers of LDS singles meet lifelong close friends and partners… and then tell their own friends that they, too, should check out the magical world of online dating. Online dating can truly be a fun and efficient way for LDS singles to meet some other LDS singles. The important thing, though, is to always be safe.

It is easy to think that anyone and everyone that you meet on an LDS singles website is a good individual. After all, that person is LDS, perfect? Well, although there are plenty of good, wonderful people on the Internet today, there are also some dangerous and/or unworthy individuals.

Here are some tips to help ensure that you have a safe experience when dating online:

Use compensated online dating services. Dangerous people are less likely to use a service in which they have to provide credit card information or other information which could identify them.
Do not provide private information right off the bat. This does not only include your phone number and address, but where you work, your favorite restaurants, and other such details. Do not even give your first plus last name – it is even OK to use a pseudonym or a screen name (like LDShottie1).
Use a separate email account. Do not use your regular accounts. Rather, set up a free e-mail accounts – it won’t cost you a penny, and you will easily stop using whenever you want to or need to. Check out Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Again, when subscribing to this new e-mail account, tend not to use your full name anywhere.
Never give out your home phone number. A person can find out where you live, your income information, and more by using simply your home phone number. Once you have e-mailed and instant messaged a person enough that you simply start to feel comfortable and ready to talk within the phone, you should, instead, use a cellular phone (you may even want to get a separate mobile phone, specifically for online dating phone calls). Private phone services are also a good idea.
Use paid online dating services. Dangerous individuals are less likely to use a service in which they need to provide credit card information or other information that could identify them.
For your first meeting, meet in public. Although it might be more romantic to be picked up at your house . on your first date, it is better to first meet in public.
Tell people where you are. Make sure to tell friends and family in which you are meeting your online date. Give just as much information about the person you are meeting as possible. Tell your friends that you will call all of them at a certain time to check in. Provide a friend along if it makes you sense more comfortable.
Trust your gut intuition. If you meet the person and they have humiliated about their appearance, etc ., who knows what else they have lied about? In case you get a bad feeling about a person, whether or not when e-mailing, talking on the mobile phone, or meeting in person, do not disregard it.
Do not count on your online LDS singles dating service to weed out all of the potentially bad individuals. Different states require different amounts of background checks. Also, the service could be fooled, too.
Yes, you should have enjoyable when looking for and dating other LDS singles online, but do not get caught up and forget the above mentioned tips for your safety.

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