Your reputation, whether it’s good or bad, will be spread by word of mouth. But not only by word of mouth, but by “word or reviews” online!

More potential patients, clients and customers are going online and searching for a business’s reviews to find out what others have been saying about their experience with that business.

These reviews will play a huge part in the development of your reputation and companies that specialize in reputation are there to help make sure that you are getting the exposure and positive feedback you need to boost your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t have a real understanding about how quickly their reputation can be damaged and almost “wipe out” an otherwise great reputation!

Why is it so important to build a solid reputation as a business that delivers the best service to its customers and clients? Simply put, your reputation is the new “word of mouth” to the entire world. This is especially true for local businesses.

The problem is, there are 3 facets to reputation that business owners must not confuse.

Many companies advertise their services for reputation and only provide “one” facet, leaving a business believing they have all the benefits they need to either protect or benefit their business, when in reality, they have only 1/3 of the benefits they really need!

First off, many of these so-called “reputation” providers only sell reputation “management.”

What exactly is rep management? Wikipedia says, “Reputation management is the influencing and/or control of a business’s reputation. Reputation management companies have made it primarily an issue of search results.

They claim they can remove your bad reviews. (This is a flagrant lie.) Or that they will “push them down” where they won’t be seen anymore. (That is closer to the truth.)

Then there is reputation monitoring. That simply means that the company will keep an eye on your reviews and alert you as to the reviews coming in about your company. They may send you an email or a text, or even a monthly report. (At least this allows you to respond to a bad review when your business receives one.)

Then lastly, there is reputation “marketing.” This is the ONLY facet of reputation services provided that will ever make your business profitable.

You will always get more new patients, clients and customers when they know that you have a long history of doing a great job. They will have confidence and trust in your company to do the same for them.

Just having a couple good reviews online isn’t enough though. And “managing and monitoring” your reputation won’t get you anymore reviews. The ONLY facet of reputation is “reputation marketing.
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In order to make your business the “market leader” and catapult ahead of the competition, acquire a 5 star reputation.

Don’t just encourage your patients, clients and customers to leave a review for you, but ASK them to leave a review. Over 89% of people surveyed said they would if someone had asked them to.

You need a process that’s easy and simple for people to leave a review. Never make it difficult for them.

In this age of digital marketing, you’ll never go wrong with ensuring that your customers have a fast and easy user experience, right down to the last click.

After you get the 5 star reviews, sharing them is the next step. Not only manage and monitor your reputation, but also to “market” your reputation. That’s the way you make money!

You MUST “share and promote” your 5 star reputation with the rest of the world.

Your reputation won’t do you much good if other people don’t see it.

Whether you need help creating a great reputation, sharing your reputation with more potential patients, clients or customers, Reputation Market Builder is the most complete platform to help you be the “market leader” in your industry.

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