I see a pleasurable topic social gathering in your foreseeable future…

This preferred topic occasion can be organized in significantly less than a working day, or in only a couple of several hours for all those significant power hosts!

Activity Strategies

The central portion of a fortune telling party is telling fortunes and examining tarot cards.

Have a least 1 desk with a crystal ball. If you won’t be able to come across a person, you can constantly use a large snow globe of some type.

Other excellent game titles include things like a Ouija board and Magic 8 ball.


*Hang beaded curtains at the doorway entry.

*Hang zodiac pinatas close to the room for a fortune telling theme.

*Use lava lamps as desk centerpieces.

*For a mystical result, increase plenty of glow items.
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Costumes/Costume Attire

A gypsy form garb is ideal for a fortune telling occasion. Finish your outfit with scarves, a lot of bangle sort bracelets, and hoop earrings.


Invest in decks of tarot playing cards and spot an invitation within. The decks can be mailed or hand-shipped to each individual recipient.

You can also generate you very own theme by drawing fortune telling themes these types of as a moons, stars, astrological symptoms, and many others.


Snack and finger food items are most preferred, because they can be eaten when taking part in game titles and readings.

The most effective drinks involve popular combined beverages with a neat blend of colors. Be absolutely sure to have soda on hand for the non-alcoholic established as very well as drinking water for all.

Have a mystical theme social gathering!

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