With an infinite selection of style and design alternatives accessible, it really is no marvel home made polymer clay beads are receiving so a lot focus in the crafting world. Acceptable for the two adults and kids (ages 8 and up), doing the job with polymer clay beads can give you a total new way of acquiring entertaining with your little ones, as well.

What are polymer clay beads?
Polymer clay beads are beads fashioned out of polymer clay, which is at times acknowledged merely as “Fimo.” (Fimo is the model identify for a specific style of this clay, manufactured by Eberhard Faber.)

This polymer clay can be molded into a selection of distinctive creations. Then you only bake the clay in your residence oven to build a really hard, resilient product that you can drill, slice, sand, and paint to accomplish even extra imaginative outcomes.

Because polymer clay is so straightforward to get the job done with, it has grow to be a preferred way to make your personal beads for jewellery producing.

Earning Polymer Clay Beads

The approach of producing the beads is simple. Just pinch off a bit of the clay, knead it in your palms and shape it into the kind you like.

You can make polymer clay beads in a wide variety of different shapes, employing a variety of approaches and equipment. There is no true restrict besides your imagination, and you can perform with the clay over and over once again (until finally it has been baked.)

Molding the clay involves firm stress, but it keeps its form nicely as soon as mounted. It is simplest to function with when it really is a little bit heat, so if you are acquiring issues having it to cooperate, you may well want to transfer to a hotter operate place or warm up your hands a little bit.

Rounded beads are easiest for the beginner but you can soon master how to make beads that are square, star formed, coronary heart formed or intended to look like very small animals. Flower formed beads are also incredibly well known.

To make the beads in distinctive colours, start off by deciding on from the quite a few colors of polymer clay that are commercially out there. You can accomplish a marbled result by operating with various colors at after. After your creations have been baked, you can paint them with acrylics or even fingernail polish to give them extra gloss and sparkle.

It can be effortless to make holes in Fimo beads, so you can thread them with each other into bracelets or necklaces or sew them onto dresses. You can drill holes in the challenging beads, once they have been baked. Or you can make holes in the comfortable clay before you bake your beads.
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A toothpick is great for piercing holes by way of Fimo clay once the beads have been shaped. Wiggle the toothpick around to make certain that the sides of the holes are clean and bits will never tumble down to clog them throughout baking.

You can also use a wooden skewer to make holes in your beads. Meticulously drive a skewer via the center of your concluded bead, remaining mindful not to change its form. Fill the skewer with beads (becoming thorough that they do not touch each individual other). Then assist the skewer on a baking rack or other oven-proof container so the beads really don’t alter condition during baking. Bake the beads immediately on the skewer.

Baking Your Beads

You can want to bake all your clay creations to make them difficult and shiny and to make certain that they continue to keep their shape. You can do this in an common oven on a baking sheet, but follow the recommendations on each packet of the solution to make positive you get the temperature just suitable. (If the polymer clay is baked at much too high of a temperature, it can emit hazardous gases.) Your beads will be tricky and all set to string jointly into jewellery once the clay is baked and cooled.

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